Statement on Work

I create narrative, scale-model, sculptural dioramas that dramatize a conflict between figure and environment.  In these artworks the protagonist, or figure, is engaged with “the other” as embodied by the landscape environment.  The figure is in some way an average, banal, limited, unheroic, or compromised individual: be it a laborer, worker, average guy, a stoner, or a person with physical limitations.

Untitled (Exit) 2011

The environment contains an antagonistic element: something mysterious or intimidating that confronts or opposes the protagonist.  In these situations, both players exist in timeless opposition – a perpetual face-off. Whether confronting each other, sizing each other up, unsure of the next move  …

By investigating the diorama, the viewer is privileged in an ability to approach the sculpture from various perspectives.  When assuming the view of either the protagonist or of the antagonist, additional information about the narrative is accessible.


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